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Treating Thyroid Conditions with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is often used to help people balance hormone levels. Chinese Medicine considers all hormone imbalances to be related to yin and yang energies having excesses or deficiencies. Thyroid conditions are classified as hyper or hypo, with hyper being excess and hypo being deficient. I tend to see more hypothyroid patients in my clinic. These people have trouble maintaining energy levels during the day, and may experience hair thinning or hair loss, cold body temperatures, constipation, depression, puffiness in the face, weight gain, and drooping eyelids. Hyperthyroid patients tend to experience increased sweating, protruding eyes, weight loss, high blood pressure and nervousness.

I posted two videos to this site about thyroid health. The first one includes a quick tapping sequence to boost energy. Tapping the acupuncture points is a quick way to activate them. These points help you to feel rejuvenated. The second video demonstrates how I use applied kinesiology to test a person’s thyroid and how one acupuncture needle in a particular point can make the thyroid test strong. If you or someone you know is suffering from a thyroid problem, come on in and get tested! Schedule a consultation and mention this article to waive the consult fee. $20 per thyroid test. For more information about Chinese Medicine and thyroid health, check out this link:

Waukegan Acupuncture

The body is designed to heal itself. This is the principle that underlies traditional Chinese medicine as well as current alternative medical practices. Acupuncture is about understanding the subtle energy pathways of the organs, glands and tissues. These subtle energy pathways, or meridians, are responsible for how the body functions as a whole and how different parts interact with each other. A trained acupuncture professional can help with a wide range of issues; from muscle pain, to migraines and more. Acupuncture for Everything! LLC invites the people of Waukegan to have a look at the services we provide and to call us for a free consultation and to book an appointment.

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The absolute best!

-Annee Williams

Tina is a gifted acupuncturist who has helped improve my health and reduce my pain.

-Eric Sander

Tina is kind, caring and attentive to her clients needs. She listened so well to my issues and addressed them in her treatment. My pain level has been reduced significantly. I am very grateful to her for her knowledge and willingness to help those of us in need.

-Donette White

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